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Johns Hopkins reverses decision forcing prof to pull NSA post

Johns Hopkins reverses decision forcing prof to pull NSA post: Johns Hopkins University was alerted earlier Monday that one of its professors wrote a blog post allegedly linking to classified National Security Agency documents. Swiftly, the university asked this professor to take down his post. However, hours later, when the school realized he was just linking to news articles — he was allowed to reinstate the blog post.
The whole debacle began after major news stories spread across the Web last Thursday detailing claims that the NSA has been setting up a clandestine program to break digital encryptions for everything from users’ smartphones to everyday e-mails to medical records.
Matthew Green, who is a well-known cryptographer and research professor at Johns Hopkins University, penned a blog post about the NSA’s alleged capabilities to defeat encryption on that same day. And, today, he was asked by Johns Hopkins to take this blog post down.