Bug 693450 – Add IGC/A RSA4096 SHA256 root certificate

693450 – Add IGC/A RSA4096 SHA256 root certificate: Hi, i would like to note this issue:

The French Government ANSSI made a MITM against Google SSL/TLS:

Google does not mention who’s ANSSI.

ANSSI is the French CyberSecurity agency, closely working with defense and intelligence agencies:

ANSSI declare that an intermediate CA is generating fake-certificate for the purpose to inspect SSL traffic:
“ANSSI has found that the intermediate CA certificate was used in a commercial device, on a private network, to inspect encrypted traffic with the knowledge of the users on that network. ”

Google Detected the MITM and Blocked it:

ANSSI issued a statement that it was a “Human Error” from someone from the Finance Ministry:

A recent law proposal, see Art. 246, is giving power to governmental agencies to act with massive interception capabilities:

I am wondering if, given this incident and the upcoming change in the regulation, this CA is still compliant with Mozilla policy for Root’s CA inclusions.