Iranian Hackers infiltrated US Navy computers

Iranian Hackers infiltrated US Navy computers: The Wall Street Journal reported that Iranian hackers have successfully penetrated unclassified US Navy computers, the allegations were made by US officials that consider the attacks a serious intrusion within the Government network.

“The U.S. Officials said the attacks were carried out by hackers working for Iran’s government or by a group acting with the approval of Iranian leaders. The most recent incident came in the week starting Sept. 15, before a security upgrade, the officials said. Iranian officials didn’t respond to requests to comment.”
US officials revealed that a group of Iranian state-sponsored hackers have repeatedly violated US Navy computer systems for cyber espionage purpose, despite no sensitive information has been leaked the event is considered very concerning. US Intelligence fears that such attacks could expose confidential information like the blueprints of a new cyber weapon.

US officials added that Congress has been briefed on the attack, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey discussed on the necessity further improve government network security.

“The Pentagon wouldn’t confirm the alleged Iranian hacks. A department spokesman said its networks are attacked daily. We take these attempts seriously and work to learn lessons from every one of them,” the spokesman said.

“Their ability to also play in this [cyber] sandbox compounds that concern,” “The series of Iranian intrusions revealed a weakness in the Navy network and a shortcoming in the service’s defenses compared with other unclassified military networks, according to U.S. Officials.

Once the intruders got into the Navy computer system, they were able to exploit security weaknesses to penetrate more deeply into the unclassified network, the officials said.”

Iran’s cyber abilities have increased gradually reaching a concerning level, US Intelligence believes that Iranian cyber units today have sufficient cyber abilities to attack the US causing serious damages to the critical infrastructures of the country.