My Chemical Romance Twitter Account Hacked

My Chemical Romance Twitter Account Hacked: The official Twitter account of My Chemical Romance (MCRofficial) – the famous American alternative rock band that called it quits in March 2013 – has been hacked.

The account’s profile description was changed to read “soon…,” falsely leading the band’s over 600,000 Twitter followers to believe that they might be preparing a comeback.

In addition, the following tweet was posted: “you only hear the music when your heart begins to break.”

Shortly after the breach, Gerard Way, the former lead vocalist and co-founder of My Chemical Romance, revealed that the account was hacked.

“So @MCRofficial was hacked.Friends at WBR [Warner Bros Records] are taking care of it. Sorry if that bummed anyone out,” Way wrote on Twitter.

“On the upside – hacker didn’t say anything mean. And they only changed the pic to a band photo. But I understand any activity might upset some,” he added.

Currently, the My Chemical Romance Twitter account has been restored.