Quayside Publishing notifies online customers of breach

Quayside Publishing notifies online customers of breach: Customers who ordered from one of Quayside Publishing‘s web sites since the end of April recently received a notice of a  breach that was reported to the Vermont Attorney General’s Office:

We are writing to notify you of an incident that involved unauthorized access to our web server in which your personal information, including your credit card number, may have been stolen. We were recently made aware of this incident and have taken action to secure our servers.


We have established that malicious software planted by an outside source may have been able to access your credit card information, name, and address during your recent transaction with us at with one of our ecommerce sites: Qbookshop.com, Qbookshop.net, Motorbooks.com or WalterFoster.com. The estimated time this may have occurred was between April 29, 2013 and June 17, 2013.