Security prediction for 2014: It will get worse

Security prediction for 2014: It will get worse: I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you probably saw this coming. Multiple indicators suggest that, bad as this year has been for Internet security, 2014 will be worse. Much worse.At least that’s the opinion of Steve Wexler, a journalist specializing in corporate technology and the leading light behind IT-TNA, an information service geared towards IT news and trends. In a Monday report, Wexler takes a look at security predictions for the coming year. “One would expect doom and gloom forecasts from security vendors – and IT industry analysts – and you won’t be disappointed.”For instance, IDC has just this month predicted that 70 percent of chief information officers CIOs will increase their dependency on the cloud. While cloud-based solutions will lower costs and increase companies’ flexibility, they also increase security vulnerability. “Unfortunately for that increased risk exposure, by 2015, 60% of CIO security budgets…will be 30-40% too small to fund enterprise threat assessments,” warns Wexler.