Syrian Electronic Army Hacks Global Phone Directory Truecaller

Syrian Electronic Army Hacks Global Phone Directory Truecaller: After taking a break to work on their website, hackers of the Syrian Electronic Army are back. Their latest victim is Truecaller, the world’s largest collaborative phone directory.

“Sorry @Truecaller, we needed your database, thank you for it,” the hackers wrote on Twitter.

The Syrian Electronic Army has told E Hacking News that they’ve managed to breach Truecaller’s systems by exploiting a vulnerability in the company’s outdated WordPress installation.

They claim to have stolen over 7 databases, including the main database which is 450GB in size.

According to the pro-Assad hackers, the database contains information that gives them access to over 1 million Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Gmail accounts.

They’ve also leaked online what appears to be the login credentials for the site’s databases.

Truecaller hasn’t issued any statements regarding the incident, but the company has shut down its website.

“We are doing some upgrades. Thank you for your patience,” reads a message posted on