The value of stolen card data that includes localization info

The value of stolen card data that includes localization info: The hackers behind Target data breach are selling stolen card data including localization info. Why?In numerous posts I have highlighted the possibility to acquire stolen card data on the black market, different website on the underground and within the Deep Web proposed the precious commodities at varying prices depending on several factors like, the validity of the card, card amount limits and available amount of money in the bank account.

The recent data breach occurred at the US retailer Target has rekindled the attention to the market of stolen data card, in particular it is emerged another interesting trend in the cybercrime ecosystem, the commercialization of the card information on the location of stores and point of sales where cards were used.Why to provide the above data?The financial security experts consider the information very precious for the arrangement of scams, the knowledge of the places where the cards were used allows the attackers to choose the points where use the cards to reduce the risk of detection for the ongoing scam.

Security expert Brian Krebs, who first reported the data breach suffered by Target retailer,  wrote a couple of interesting blog posts on the incident evidencing that cyber criminals behind the attack are being sold to the black market with information on the state, city and ZIP code of the Target store where they were used. The commercialization of stoled card data with localization information is a very clever tactic to increase the monetary value of the stolen commodities.Location information included in the stolen card data allows buyers to use cloned versions of cards issued to people in their immediate vicinity.