Truecaller Downplays Syrian Electronic Army Hack

Truecaller Downplays Syrian Electronic Army Hack: On Wednesday, the Syrian Electronic Army reported hacking into the databases of Truecaller, a global collaborative phone directory. The hackers claimed to have gained access to tons of data, including information that could allow them to access the social media accounts of Truecaller customers.

Truecaller has issued a statement on the matter. The company admits that its website has been breached.

“Our investigation into the matter indicates the attackers were able to access ‘tokens’, which was immediately reset. Metaphorically speaking, a ‘token’ is a unique lock for each user, but what the attackers did not acquire is the needed key, which has also been reset,” the company stated.

Truecaller also highlights the fact that it does not store passwords, credit card information or other personal data belonging to its users.

In addition, it claims that the information according to which the hackers gained access to social media credentials is false.

“We are still investigating the extent of unauthorized access of our database. We have outlined steps to help us deal with the situation. These steps include more complex security measures and various other tools we want to keep within the company,” the firm noted.