VPN provider ‘Proxy.sh’ sniffed the traffic of US based server to Catch Hackers

VPN provider ‘Proxy.sh’ sniffed the traffic of US based server to Catch Hackers: The very first question we always try to figure before choosing a trusted VPN service – Can’t a VPN provider just look at my traffic all they want and see what I’m doing?

Well, a reputated VPN provider today answers the Question and admitted that they sniffed the traffic on one of its United States-based servers in order to catch an alleged hacker.
Proxy.sh, a quality VPN service with no-logging policy, made a surprise announcement:
“We are unfortunate to announce that there have been abuses complaints about hacking activities on our U.S. Illinois 1 node. We have been saddened to learn that these actions were harmful to individuals (human beings). As a result, we will open this node again and monitor it with Wireshark for a period of 7 days.
Torrentfreak noticed that there was no mention of any legal process, court order, police action or other similar outside influence compelling Proxy.sh to do so.

The monitoring was triggered after Proxy.sh received a complaint from someone who claimed they were being harassed by a Proxy.sh user. The VPN provider then allegedly took it upon themselves to try and sort out the problem.